Michał Kuśnierz

13 October 2022

Hubert Laskowski with his second crown, despite a bitter weekend!

Hubert Laskowski has once again proved that he is an extremely talented driver, and after a battle on the Saaremaa Rally tracks, he has won the […]
7 October 2022

Hubert Laskowski goes for second title of national champion!

Hubert Laskowski, who competed on the routes of Louna-Eesti Ralli in his last start and won the Latvian rally championship in his class, is preparing for […]
30 August 2022

Hubert Laskowski is champion again! The 16-year-old amazes!

Hubert Laskowski, who competed on the routes of the Lõuna-Eesti Ralli last weekend, won the Latvian rally championship in his class! This is another title for […]
19 July 2022

The toughest challenge of Hubert Laskowski’s career. The 16-year-old has measured himself against the best in the world.

Hubert Laskowski, who is competing behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta Rally3 this season, is facing the toughest challenge of his career. The 16-year-old appeared […]
14 July 2022

It’s time for the world championships! 16-year-old Hubert Laskowski proves himself among the best!

Hubert Laskowski, who made his debut at the Old Continental Championships a fortnight ago, where he won in his class, will now face the best in […]
6 July 2022

Sixteen year old Hubert Laskowski wins the European Rally Championship! A perfect debut!

Hubert Laskowski, who is becoming more confident on special stages around Europe, just finished the most difficult start of his career. The sixteen year old driver […]
30 June 2022

Sixteen year old Hubert Laskowski will compete in the European Rally Championship!

The sixteen year old Hubert Laskowski, whose career is followed by nearly all motorsports fans in Poland, will make another huge step to the rallying apex […]
10 May 2022

Experience more important than the result. Laskowski did not give up in a difficult start in Croatia.

After a short break, the sixteen-year old Laskowski was back behind the wheel of his Ford Fiesta Rally3. This time, one of the most promising drivers […]
6 May 2022

Another tough challenge for the 16-year-old. Laskowski fights again in Croatia

This weekend, after a short break from competition, 16-year-old Hubert Laskowski will return to the special stages. One of the most talented drivers of the young […]