Peugeot 208 R2

6 July 2021

Victory and podiums for 15-year-old at the start of the Latvian championships

The Liepāja Rally, which opened this year’s battle for the Latvian championship titles in rallies and rallysprints, showed that Hubert Laskowski is well-prepared for the season […]
14 May 2021

Time to reveal the colours

For Hubert Laskowski, the 2021 season is a time of training and preparing for battle on the roads, but soon he will be able to feel […]
14 October 2020

Less than a second to win

Hubert Laskowski, who last weekend debuted in sports competition in front of the Polish spectators, can talk about an extremely successful start, in which he needed […]
9 October 2020

Back to asphalt

After a break of almost two months, Hubert Laskowski will return to sports competition. This time, however, he will return to the surface on which he […]